Neural Intelligence

We develop Neural Networks based on EEG brain activity feedback to generate predictions on behavioral measures and cognitive state of individuals performing different activities or under different conditions.

Tailored Applications

We are active in Commercial, Health and Lifestyle space adding intelligence to applications with high Return on Investment. We continuously invest in research in order to ensure continous enrichment of our models.

Available Through Cloud

The power of our Augmented Intelligence Platform is available through the cloud for you to integrate in any business process or application.

Intelligence redefined by brain potentials

A novel approach in the application of Neuroscience to address market challenges and disrupt the current modus operandi of doing business.

Intelligence at your fingertips

Use pre-defined Automated Intelligence Templates to generate realtime insights on your customer data based on specific use cases and be in position to benefit from social and community engagement as well.

Intelligent Lifestyle

Sign-up for consumer services through one of the active lifestyle service providers enabling the monitoring and management of every day activity and training through a range of services linked to wearables devices.

Augmented Intelligence Value services

Have your own model developed in a fully customised way and get the knowledge transferred to your teams so that they can run integrate in your business environment and run it independently.

Research and Development

We always try to be ahead of the curve and have a number of partnerships with leading academic institutions as well as commercial organizations.

The Team

Insaitu consists of a Multi-Disciplinary team with proven track record  in Customer Experience  & Operations in different Corporate environments, with strong international exposure and a solid Scientific expertise through high reputational academic connections.